Key Stage 3:

The majority of students in Years 7 & 8 study both French and German.  They have 2 hours a fortnight for each language.  At the end of Year 8 most students choose the language they would like to study in Year 9.  In Year 9 students have 4 hours a fortnight dedicated to their chosen language.

We also offer students the opportunity to enhance their language skills outside of a normal classroom.  This year students have developed their German culinary skills by creating Currywurst, Schokolade and German Christmas biscuits to name but a few.  Our magazine and speaking clubs have allowed pupils to develop their speaking and reading skills, an integral part of language learning, using authentic and current stimuli.

A group of our Year 9 students also had the opportunity to attend the Worldwise Skills Event for Schools at UCLAN.  Activities included translation and interpreting, Chinese calligraphy, an interactive Worldwise quiz and the development of communication skills using new technology.  A good time was had by all and students returned with a renewed zest for languages. 


Key Stage 3 French Assessment Summaries

Key Stage 3 German Assessment Summaries

Key Stage 3 French & German Revision Checklists