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The Humanities Faculty believes it's crucial purpose is to help students understand and interpret the world around them. We use a variety of learning and teaching strategies to ensure students make progress, enjoy their lessons and see the relevance of the Humanities curriculum to the wider world.

Please note that our curriculum intent statement is under review as of June 2019.

Humanities Staff

Mrs G. Clegg

Teacher of History / Law / Assistant Headteacher

Mr M. Coomer

Head of Religious Studies

Ms F. Craddock

Teacher of History

Mr N. Cross

Teacher of History / Pastoral Leader

Mrs S. Evans

Head of Geography

Mrs E. Gladwin

Teacher of Geography with responsibility for assessment in Travel and Tourism

Mr J. Hutchings

Teacher of Law/History

Dr A. Jervis

Mrs R. Johnson

Teacher of History / Pastoral Leader

Mr M. Leary

Teacher of Geography

Mrs A. Pountney

Head of History

Mrs J. Trohear

Teacher of History / Religious Studies