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Miss Alford-Sancto

Head of Media

Join the revolution as LSA's new Media department opens its doors at 'The Hub' (H3) where community, creativity and professionalsim are at our core. Students can keep up to date by subscribing to Edmodo and downloading the Edmodo app onto their smartphone. If your son/daughter is studying Media, you can create an account on Edmodo to track their progress and assignments. Please email romola.alford-sancto@lythamhigh.lancs.sch.uk to get your code.
Please visit the Revolution Media website for information on course details, careers and a comprehensive extra curricular program. Extra curricular activities are also open to KS3 and students not currently studying Media.
Revolution Media Website

Revolution Media aims to:
- Provide a professional space where media students can explore their creativity through different mediums and gain skills to help them in their future careers.
-Become a destination for students across the North West and a leader of development, innovation and creativity in the academic media community.
-Provide students with the practical tools and analytical focus to produce media products (film, photography, ICT and gaming) of quality.
-Train students to such a level as to ensure that they reach their university or post education destination of choice, and to provide opportunities for students to access work experience that is inspiring and constructive.
- Provide opportunities for students to engage in the media industry at a creative and professional level by developing partnerships with universities, local media businesses and film festival institutions. 

The study of Media

Although we watch, surf and read the media every day, most people don’t consider the impact that media has on society. In Media Studies we will look at the media in both critical and practical ways to understand how the media is made, consumed and used by different audiences. A key part of studying the media involves learning how to use software and technology that is employed by professionals in media fields. As such, this course allows students to be creative in their learning as they will embark on making a number of media productions. Media Studies is academically challenging and as such requires a good level of literacy skills, the split of coursework and exam is 50/50 at both GCSE and A Level. Students will also need a passion for media products and should come to the course having viewed a wide range of media products.

Students will be given homework every week and expected to submit this via Edmodo. Work will be marked within a fortnight and feedback/marks will be put on Edmodo.
AS & A2
Students will be given homework every week and expected to submit this via Edmodo. Work will be marked within a fortnight and feedback/marks will be put on Edmodo.
Independent Learning Logs

All KS5 students will be expected to keep an independent learning log which needs to be completed weekly. This will be looked at weekly and commented on by the class teacher. Students should be linking their independent learning to the class content and explaining how the content is relevant to their topics in class. Activities can include reading/watching the news, analysing documentaries relevant to the class subject, reading journals, articles, essays relevant to the topic or reading chapters from Media books.

Resources are mainly uploaded to Edmodo, the department has a wide range of Media books for loan as well as a good stock of books in the LSA main library. The Revolution Media website also contains websites that students can use to keep up to date with developments in the industry, as well as a small library of online Media Magazine.

LSA Live 

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