Report Descriptors for Behaviour for Learning 

Outstanding Behaviour for Learning - The student has a thirst for knowledge, a love of learning and strives for excellence. Behaviour, manners, punctuality and endeavour are impeccable

Good Behaviour for Learning- Attitude shows pride in his/her work and a determination to succeed even when the work is challenging. Works cooperatively with other students and staff, responding quickly to instructions. Is always ‘ready to learn’ as he/she is properly equipped, punctual and focused

Behaviour for Learning which Require Improvement- Attitude sometimes limits the quality of work produced, e.g. gives up too easily or loses focus. Cooperates poorly and/or fails to promptly follow instructions; occasionally disrupts lessons. Is not always ‘ready to learn’ as he/she is sometimes poorly equipped, late or lacking focus

Inadequate Behaviour for Learning- Attitude has a negative impact on his/her own learning and/or on the learning of others. Causes persistent low level disruption or shows a lack of respect for other students or staff. Is regularly not ‘ready to learn’ as he/she is too often poorly equipped, late or unfocused

Report Descriptors for Study Skills

Outstanding Study Skills - Effort with homework is impeccable. Takes responsibility for learning; planning revision to builds upon continuous reviewing/reflection on work. Extremely positive response to feedback shows he/she is greatly motivated to learn

Good Study Skills- Effort with homework is good and is handed in on time. Prepares for assessed work/exams by revising thoroughly using a range of suitable techniques. Takes responsibility for his/her own learning by reviewing/reflecting on work through the year. Responds to feedback positively

Study Skills which Require Improvement- Effort with homework is lacking and/or is occasionally handed in late. Revision and preparation for assessed pieces is inconsistent or ineffective. Little attempt is made to review/reflect on their learning throughout the year. Response to feedback is not always positive

Inadequate Study Skills- Homework, revision, reviewing of work and response to feedback are poor