An overview of assessment at LSA

All teachers will assess student performance throughout lessons and through homework tasks. This process informs the teacher and the student in their next steps in learning. It is key to learning that the student acts effectively upon the teacher feedback during ‘Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time’. Please click here for more information regarding ‘Feedback, DIRT and Growth Mindset’.

Most subjects also assess students formally towards the end of each term, usually with a controlled assessment, often a test. Parents are informed of these assessment results through 3 reports per year, usually issued just before the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays. Most assessments take place within normal lessons but for Y10 and for some subjects in Y9 student will take the final assessments of the year in central exam venues, such as the sports hall and drama theatre. Students will be provided with revision materials through Show My Homework prior to all assessments. Click here for a full list of report issue dates.  

Each of the three reports also contains judgements on behaviour for learning and study skills. Maintaining good or outstanding attitudes to learning are key to continued success. Click here for to see the descriptors by which the teachers make these judgements.

Our reports are double sided, with the letter on the front including individualised interpretations, comparisons and explanations of the students judgements which are shown on the reverse in a table of information. Use this link for further explanation.

The final report of the year will include a written comment from the form tutor for Y7 to Y10.

Y9,Y10 and Y11 students are set an expected grade range for each of their subjects. Y7 and Y8 students are judged using our own system of ‘standards’ and therefore are set an expected standard range for each subject. The reports use a colour coded system to show if a student is performing above, within or below their expected range. Click here for further explanation of the expected grades and standards.


Changes to the GCSE grading system

The existing ‘A* to G’ system has been phased out and has been replaced by the new ‘9 to 1’ system.

This information from the DFE shows how the new grades compare to the old system.

The DFE now describe a grade 5 as a ‘strong pass’, and a grade 4 as a ‘standard pass’.

The expected grades and expected standards

These are initially calculated using each students’ Year 6 SATs scores. For some students it may be appropriate to adjust expected grades considering additional factors. For more information please contact Mr Cubbon.