Preparation is everything and nothing is more true than the old adage, "by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail". It is also true to say that preparing in the wrong way is not helpful either.  It is important that you as students understand what works for you and that may not be what would work for someone else. It is important to address the negative, "can't do" mindset that affects some of you at this time of the year.  

Parents need to provide Reassurance and support  and  you  and have to have the determination to make someone who is reluctant to revise get on with it and make those who are reluctant to stop for fear of never having done enough, to take a break. 

Nobody finds revision interesting or particularly easy. That is as true for parents as it is for students. I hope you find the revision area helpful and we are here to offer support and guidance as we work together to help you achieve the best results possible through the years and Y11, 12 & 13 this summer.

Best wishes and good luck

P Wood