We have recently moved from SIMS Learning Gateway to a new online app ‘My Ed’. The purpose of this is to improve our communication.

Communication is key to ensuring our whole school community is working together. We'll be using ‘My Ed’ to share valuable information with you. It is instant and secure and can be accessed anytime anywhere. It is compatible with most smart phones so even the busiest parents/carers can access information including attendance, behaviour, timetables as well as news, key dates and our school website.  It is also accessible on most tablets but the app is designed to work best on smart phones.

The app is available for most android and apple devices, but unfortunately not for Windows devices at this time.  Our usual text messaging and emails will continue to be sent to parents/carers who do not have the app, but unfortunately you will not be able to view your child’s details online any longer.

There are three main parts to the app:

My School
Allows you to view information and keep up to date with what’s going on in school showing key information and with a direct link to our website.

The new app allows the sending and receiving of FREE text messages to the absence team via your mobile device.  Other texts from school will also be sent to the app, so it is important that you check for messages. 

It is important to note that during the trial we will only be acting on messages sent via the Absence Hotline part of the app regarding attendance.  If you wish to contact school about any other issue, please continue to phone school rather than text – texts sent via the app regarding anything other than attendance will not be responded to at this time.

My Students
Allows you to view key information about your child’s school activity including details about their attendance, timetable and behaviour incidents.  This information is updated daily overnight.  This part of the app will be available to the parent/carer who currently receives school texts.

Instructions for Download
Search for ‘My Ed’ in your App store.  The app should work on most modern android and apple phones.

However it is not available on Windows devices, and if you wish to download the app to your ipad you must search in the iphone apps.

Once downloaded search for our school ‘LSA T’ or ‘FY8 4DG’

Add your details – if you are the contact that usually receives school emails/texts make sure the mobile number that receives texts is entered here.  If your number is incorrect on our system you will need to contact us to update this before you can use the app to access your child’s details.

You will then receive a security code on the mobile number entered above and once input the app will become available.

It may take a day or two for the ‘My Students’ details to appear.


Feedback is always welcome.  Please send this via the school email  lsahtc@lythamhigh.lancs.sch.uk with ‘My Ed’ in the subject box.

Following the launche of MY Ed, we plan to add a link to our new student rewards system. As a parent/carer you will then be able to see as and when your child is receiving VIVO points.  The information about our new rewards system will accompany this as we take our next step.