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Welcome to the Mathematics Department:

At LSA we want every child to be successful in Mathematics and we are determined to maximise the attainment of all our students, regardless of their prior attainment.  We believe in challenge for all our students and promoting independence and a love of learning.

At LSA we aim to stimulate students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics.  We use a variety of teaching and learning methods to raise the achievement of students.  We provide opportunities for pupils to develop transferable Mathematical skills which will also aid their progress across the curriculum.

At LSA aim for all our students to make at least three levels of progress.  We have an established intervention program and a strong team of specialist support staff which work with small groups of students that have a difference between their targets and current attainment.

November 2016 - changes to mathswatch


The Maths Team

Miss A Gilroy

Head of Mathematics

Mr P Bland

Second in Mathematics

Mr C Jack

Lead Practioner

Mrs J Pennington

Intervention Co-ordinator

Mrs G Leake

Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator

Mrs J Morton

STEM/ICT in Mathematics

Miss S Quirk

Numeracy Co-ordinator

Mr J Curwen

Teacher of Mathematics

Miss L Gillies

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs S Peacock

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr D Thompson

Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M Wood

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs G Smalley


Mrs P Holt


Mrs S Mayer


Mrs L Bennison


Key Stage 3

Pupils are set on entry in Mathematics based on their Key Stage 2 raw scores.  Setting in then adjusted during the year based on in class test performances, classwork and homework.  In all key stage 3 classes pupils have 8 hours of Mathematics per fortnight.  Pupils arriving with a level 3 or below at Key Stage 2 will also do an additional 1 hour of numeracy each week.

In year 7 and 8 pupils are taught in 3 parallel bands with a minimum of 3 sets in each band.  This banding structure is then adjusted for year 9, where pupils are taught in 2 parallel bands with 5 sets in each band.

Maths Revision wall for year 7, 8 and 9.  The revision wall has links to lots of really useful website which should help you prepare for all of your Mathematics exams.

Key Stage 4

Year 9 into 10 Summer work 2016

Pupils in year 10 and 11 receive 8 hours of Mathematics lessons a fortnight.  Pupils are currently entered for the EDEXCEL GCSE examinations at the end of year 11.

GCSE Edexel Specification

We have created a GCSE Maths Revision wall which has lots of links to resources such as maths revision videos, past papers and revision notes. Everything you need to prepare yourself for the upcoming exams! You can access the revision wall by clicking the image below.

6th form GCSE resit
Pupils who enter the 6th form college with a grade D in Mathematics will sit EDEXCEL GCSE Mathematics.  They will follow the legacy GCSE for 2016-17 which will still award A* - G.



Gifted and Talented

Our more able pupils are entered for the junior and intermediate UK Maths Challenge. 

Key Stage 5
We currently offer 2 A level Mathematics courses: Mathematics and Further Mathematics, both are through the EDEXCEL examination board.

Mathematics:  consists of 6 units.  
3 units are examined at the end of year 12 and 3 are examined at the end of year 13.
4 core algebra units and 2 applied units.  
One applied unit will be Statistics and one will be Mechanics.

Further Mathematics:  consists of 6 units
3 units are examined at the end of year 12 and 3 are examined at the end of year 13.
2 further pure algebra units and 4 applied units.
The applied units will be a combination of Mechanics, Statistics and Decision maths.

GCE Mathematics Specification

Maths Revision wall for A level: links to exam papers, solutions and  revision videos.  Hopefully there's a link to every useful website you may want to use to help prepare yourself for your exams!


For assistance in understanding Key Words in Maths click here

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