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The Humanities Faculty believes it's crucial purpose is to help students understand and interpret the world around them. We use a variety of learning and teaching strategies to ensure students make progress, enjoy their lessons and see the relevance of the Humanities curriculum to the wider world.

Key Stage 3

All students in Key Stage Three study courses in History, Geography and Religious Studies. This means by the end of year nine students have a strong understanding of British History from 1066 to the modern day and the turbulent world events of the twentieth century. Students will have studied key areas of human and physical Geography and will have explored the key issues which affect the world today. There will also be an opportunity to consider the differing viewpoints of the major world religions. However Key Stage Three Humanities is not just about students acquiring knowledge. Lessons are designed so that students develop their skills in offering their opinion verbally and on paper, the development of extended writing is a priority and research skills are developed to help to develop independent learners.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage Four, as part of the options process, many students opt to continue the study of one or more of the Humanities subjects. All students work towards a GCSE in Religious Studies and optional courses are offered in GCSE History, GCSE Geography and BTEC Travel and Tourism. As part of Lytham Sixth Form, courses are available in History, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics (Religious Studies) and Laws.

The Humanities Faculty is a vibrant and enthusiastic part of the school. We take every opportunity to enrich students' learning outside of the classroom. Annually year 11 students are offered the opportunity to visit Auschwitz and Sixth Form students have benefited from attendance at the Holocaust Education Trust's annual conference. The Geography staff believe fieldwork is an integral part of the course and in recent years visits have taken place locally on the Fylde, but also exploring landforms in the Lake District. Plans are currently underway for the first Geography department visit to Iceland. History students' studies have been enhanced by visits to the Liverpool Slavery Museum, Lancaster Castle and former textile mills.

Humanities Staff

Mrs Williams

Head of Humanities/Teacher of RS

Mrs Clegg

Teacher of History / Law / Assistant Headteacher

Mr Coomer

Teacher of Religious Studies

Mr Cross

Teacher of History / Pastoral Leader

Mrs Evans

Head of Geography

Mrs Gladwin

Teacher of Geography with responsibility for assessment in Travel and Tourism

Mr Hutchings

Teacher of Law/History

Dr Jervis

Head of Religious Studies

Mrs Johnson

Teacher of History / Pastoral Leader

Mrs Pountney

Head of History

Miss Roylance

Teacher of Geography / Travel and Tourism

Mrs Trohear

Teacher of History / Religious Studies

Mr Uphill

Teacher of Geography

Ms Craddock

Teacher of History

Mr Leary

Teacher of Geography

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